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    Consulting Services
    Pre-purchase consulting (house shopping with an inspector)
    Have you ever wished you could have a home inspector as a friend who could
    accompany you when looking at prospective homes? Well, due to repeated requests
    for this type of service, I will now offer a general consulting service that will help buyers
    evaluate some general conditions of one or more homes prior to writing an offer.

    I have found that many buyers spend needless time and money getting appraisals,
    writing offers, and yes inspections, on homes they could have avoided making an
    offer on if better aware of large general deficiencies.

    My consulting service will consist of an hourly rate, verbal observations, and the
    opportunity to tour, and narrow your search of as many homes as you wish, before
    you get tied up in negotiations and contracts.

    This should not be confused with, or used in place of, a thorough home inspection
    and report. I will not be able to see some of the deficiencies in the limited time of a
    walk through evaluation. This “hands in pockets” consultation often reveals concerns
    not obvious to the buyer but upon full inspection I regularly find additional concerns on
    the roof, attic, inside the electrical panel etc. that could not be seen initially. A
    discount will be given when combined with a full inspection. Minimum charges, hourly
    rate, and sometimes travel cost can be estimated via inspection request form.
    Average cost for this service is $150 for approximately 2 hours.

    If you have already made an offer on a home you cannot use this service. A full home
    inspection is required and the report would be needed to document the findings,
    comply with Wisconsin’s inspection and real estate laws, and if issues are
    discovered break the offer to purchase contract. This service should not be confused
    with an inspection. No written report will be issued. Please see the consulting service