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    New Construction Phase Inspections

    I offer new construction phase inspections in the southeastern Wisconsin

    Phase inspections consist of several visits while your new home is being built. Many
    people assume that the municipal code inspectors will catch every problem but this is
    far from true!

    Municipal code inspectors look at code requirements only. They cannot comment on,
    or demand a builder to change or repair anything regarding quality or workmanship.
    Building codes are considered the bare minimum construction standards. For
    example there is no code regarding a leaky roof! Municipal inspectors are only
    allotted a few minutes per inspection and they never climb on the roof to check
    flashing details etc.

    Initial Consultation
    After receiving the plans I can review the construction plans and possibly give some
    advice prior to commencement that may save money before committing to the
    project. For example: poured concrete walls are becoming the industry standard but
    backfilling and drainage considerations are often overlooked and result in water
    seepage or worse yet, structural problems. Concrete block foundations were once
    the standard and in older homes more than half of them require additional drainage
    procedures, wall bracing, or foundation replacement at prices into the tens of
    thousands of dollars! Simple and low cost preparations can be requested and
    inspected that can reduce or eliminate this possibility.

    New Construction Inspections are performed during the following phases:

    PHASE 1 - Foundation Inspection (Pre-Pour)
    This first inspection is usually performed just prior to backfilling of soil after the forms
    have been removed from the concrete. The inspector should be able to see the sewer
    and drain lines. Areas covered include:
    Foundation walls
    Surface preparation
    Vapor barrier
    Concrete reinforcing bar (rebar)
    Lot contour and grading

    PHASE 2 - Framing Inspection (Pre-Drywall, before insulation)
    The framing inspection, also referred to as the pre-drywall inspection, is performed
    prior to the builder installing insulation and drywall. In this inspection, I examine the
    plumbing, electrical wiring and duct installations, the roof structure and roof surface. I
    look at the structural frame, inspecting each member for a variety of framing errors.

    PHASE 3 - Final Inspection
    Before the buyer accepts the home from the builder, I perform a thorough visual
    examination of the exterior and interior of the property just as I would for any full home
    inspection including all of the major systems, appliances, and surfaces. The final
    inspection report serves as a "deficiency list" of items to be completed or corrected
    by the builder prior to final settlement.

    Pricing by proposal upon review of the project documents. Price is based on the
    scope of work and the schedule of required inspections. Most projects have been
    between $1,000 and $1,500. Individual items can be inspected at a price between
    $100 and $300.

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