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Ethics and Independence
  • I am one of only 6 inspectors in Wisconsin who abides by the ethical requirements of
    "Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA)."
  • I don’t solicit referrals from realtors. Other inspectors get on realtors preferred lists by
    shading the report so as not to upset the sale.  (More about this conflict of interest)
  • My obligation is to you, my client. I will help you through the sale process. I don’t  share the
    report or comment on it without your permission.
  • I only work on your behalf.
Protecting you
  • I am often the only professional independently advising you in the purchase of your home.
  • I find more areas of concern than most other inspectors. This often pays for the inspection
    itself. Many clients renegotiate thousands $ off the price of the home based on my findings.
  • I won’t gloss over your concerns.
  • I will help educate you about your home and answer your questions to the best of my ability
    to aid you in making an informed decision.
Exceptional Service
  • Thorough and detailed inspection. I spend far more time examining your home than the
    average inspector. (3 or more hours onsite)
  • I typically take only one inspection per day. Scheduled at your convenience.
  • I answer your questions from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week. Cell # (262-370-9633)
  • Detailed report delivered via email within 24 hours. Other methods of delivery available.
Detailed Reports
  • My reports are clear and concise. I keep the report uncluttered so you can process it quickly.
  • The report integrates many photos that illustrate the concerns.
  • Exceeds standards of all major professional affiliations.
  • The average report includes 20 pages or more of information and photos.
  • Sample home inspection reports
Continued Support
  • I answer your questions for free from 8am to 10pm 7 days a week. Cell # (262-370-9633)
  • Consulting available for future projects.
  • Always researching and developing informative documents and articles.
  • Please view some of my publications  (Publications Page)
IHINA code of
Cell Phone (262)-370-9633

Call for more information or to schedule your Inspection