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    Home Maintenance Inspections in Southeastern Wisconsin

    Many homeowners fail to realize the amount of unseen deterioration a home goes
    through during Wisconsin’s seasonal changes. Savvy consumers take their vehicles
    in for regular maintenance and inspection for safety concerns why not your home?

    A maintenance inspection can be performed every 2-4 years. A full inspection will
    detail the current condition of the home, need for maintenance and repairs, and bring
    attention to safety concerns or possible upgrades for safety.

    Whether your home was built recently or decades ago, they all need maintenance.
    Years of home remodeling and inspecting experience has shown that sometimes
    very simple maintenance and repairs can save thousands of dollars of deterioration
    or damage to the home. When was the last time you were up on the roof? You may
    not know you need a new roof until the water is dripping from the damaged ceiling.

    Full home inspections start at $300 and will be reported in the same manor as the
    sample reports.

    Home maintenance evaluations are a verbal consulting service with no report, and
    typically cost $150 for approximately 2 hours, focusing on major systems of the home.
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