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    Commercial Inspection Services

    I offer commercial property inspections in Wisconsin.

    As you can imagine commercial properties come in many forms. I often perform
    inspections on small business properties similar to a home inspection. Commercial
    inspections do not have to follow the same standards as residential inspections so
    the inspection can be performed in any manor desired. Most clients opt for a full
    inspection but some desire only major systems inspections.

    Apartment buildings, restaurant, store front, small manufacturing facilities can be
    quoted using the standard form. Typically they are considered residential up to 4
    units. $300 minimum charge for inspection.

    Multi-family (4 or more units) usually starts at $500 per building and the reports are
    detailed like a typical home inspection for each unit and the building as a whole.
    These can be inspected as commercial or a full residential type inspection.
    Additional units within the same complex can be discounted at a volume rate.

    Larger commercial facilities will be quoted in consideration of many factors
    including square footage, construction type, and specialized equipment like rooftop
    HVAC, similar items require specialized inspections. I will bring in a team of master
    trades people to inspect and test these areas. I coordinate this service and perform
    the general inspection plus consolidate the reports into one easy to read format.

    Investor (major defects only) reports are also available for multi family and
    commercial properties. These inspections and reports have far less detail and are
    geared towards seasoned investors. I cover the major systems and report on defects
    only. I typically quote these inspections giving a minimum charge of $300 which
    includes 3 hours of onsite inspection and reporting.

    No report consultations These are not considered inspections. I occasionally
    assist clients while they are shopping for a property to purchase. I will accompany the
    client during a typical viewing prior to writing an offer to purchase. We can verbally
    discuss the property condition in a limited manor. This often reveals initial concerns
    that may help the buyer avoid wasting precious time and money on writing an offer,
    appraisals, and inspection. If the buyer decides to make an offer, a full inspection is
    still needed as a walk thorough, “hands in pockets”, evaluation does not allow access
    to the roof, electrical system, or many other major systems that most often reveal
    additional concerns. Minimum trip charges are determined by location. Hourly rate
    applies there after. If time permits multiple properties can be evaluated within a few
    hours. This is not intended to replace a full inspection. Discounts can be given when
    combined with a full inspection.

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